• Winners Circle 2019

    Congratulations to all of the participants in the Hillmac Electrical Junior School Speech Contest 2019. Below are the winners from the Junior and Intermediate competitions.

  • Hillmac Electrical Junior School Speech Contest 2019

    Caleb Macklow from Mahora Primary School in Hastings won the Hillmac Electrical Junior Speech Contest for his speech ‘Hector and Maui Dolphins’.


    ‘Archey's Frog’ was the title of second place getter, Sarah Hansen from Greenmeadows School in Taradale.


    Parkvale School contestant Amanjot Singh was third with ‘Keep our Treasure Living’.

    Caleb Macklow

    Mahora Primary School

    Hector and Maui Dolphins’

    Sarah Hansen

    Greenmeadows School

    ‘Archey's Frog’

    Amanjot Singh

    Parkvale School

    ‘Keep our Treasure Living’

  • Hillmac Electrical Intermediate School Speech Contest 2019

    First place: Maggie Knowles from Heretaunga Intermediate with ‘Tuataras in New Zealand’.


    Jimi Logan, from Sherenden and Districts School ‘Our Endemic Eel’, called Humprey, was second place.


    Third place went to Nuhaka School and Anastacia Marshall with ‘Native Bees, - Understanding their Importance’.

    Maggie Knowles

    Heretaunga Intermediate

    ‘Tuataras in New Zealand’

    Jimi Logan

    Sherenden and Districts School

    Our Endemic Eel’

  • Media 2019

    Never Too Young To Make A Difference

    Maggie Powdrell from Frasertown spoke of her campaign 

    to save the kakapo to the Wairoa Star.

    Bee Story Hits The Sweet Spot

    ‘The Wairoa Star’ story outlines third place-getter

    Anastacia Marshall’s passion for bees.

  • 2019 Topic: Endemic and native species

    Endemic and native species (endemic means only found in New Zealand).


    “They are our national monuments. They are our Tower of London, our Arc de Triomphe, our pyramids. We don’t have ancient architecture that we swoon over in wonder, but what we do have is something that is far, far older than that. No one else has kiwi, no one else has kakapo. They have been around for millions of years, if not thousands of millions of years. And once they are gone, they are gone forever. And it’s up to us to make sure they never die out.”


    - Kiwi conservationist Don Merton (Credited with saving the Black Robin & Kakapo in the Chatham Islands)

  • The Aim of Your Speech

    The purpose of your three minute speech is to inform the audience about any aspect of our endemic or native species.


    The tuatara, moa, kiwi, kākāpō, native frogs, giant carnivorous land snails and maui dolphins are just some of the species that are unique to New Zealand.


    For example, you could tell a story about planting native trees in the Karamu stream, finding flax weevils in your wood pile or giant kokopu in your stream, or about your visit to the kiwi crèche at Lake Opouah.

  • Did you know?

    The National Aquarium of New Zealand have Little Penguins are only found in New Zealand and South Australia (where they're called Fairy Penguins).


    Draco, now well into her teens, was suspected to have been knocked by a car and suffered a head injury. Named after Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter.


    There are also the kiwis, Ed and Ngaio, who are about 3-4 years old. Ed is the braver male of the two. Ngaio, the female, is a little shyer and tends to be the one up the back of the enclosure – their habitat is reversed day and night so you can see them in nocturnal state.

  • What you need to know

    Your school will organise entry to the Speech Competition by emailing Anna Coleman.


    Anna will come to your school for an hour. A Talk Poster will help you organise your main topics into three main headings, so you can speak about each point with confidence.


    Your school holds their own contest and the winner goes through to the Hillmac Electrical Junior or Intermediate Speech Contest at the National Aquarium of New Zealand in term three.

  • Top Tips for Great Speeches!

    • Make eye contact
    • Smile
    • Act ‘as if’
    • Relax and be yourself
    • Take a big breath
    • Strong clear voice
    • Slow down
    • Root your tree trunks (your feet)
    • Relax, the audience want to hear your amazing ideas and want you to do well
    • Take three, big, deep breaths, let them out slowly, relax, do a horse breath!

  • Our Vision

    Anna Coleman - The Confidence Company

    Anna Coleman from the Confidence Company has a passion for ‘growing confident kids’ helping kids get up to speak without reading each word like an essay -encouraging students to speak up and tell their story


    Anna is a confidence coach, passion for growing confident kids. She teaches speech and drama at Karamu High School, Hastings. And runs bespoke courses for companies and one on one coaching.


    The judge for the Hilmac Junior Contest last year was Josephine Carpenter, Speech NZ examiner, speech teacher at Woodford and ex Director of Performing Arts. She said, ‘it’s a talk, tell your teacher it’s a talk, you can have bullet points, but you don’t need it written out word for word’.


    “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Resources

    How to Prepare your Speech (See also the Talk Poster)
    1. Pick a topic you like the most and that you are interested in. Will my class (the audience) be interested in it?
    2. Brainstorm, jot down all your ideas, set a timer for five minutes and get them all down. Come back later and highlight your three most important points.
    3. Write them in in the three boxes, point one, point two, point three.
    4. Think about how to grab the audience’s attention, jot down some ideas, when you are happy with it write it in the ‘Hook’ box.
    5. How to sum it all up for your ending? Jot down some ideas, when you are happy, write it in the ‘Ending’ box.
    6. Research your ideas, to ‘flesh’ out your main points.
    7. Remember it’s a talk NOT an essay, speak to your main points don’t read it out word for word.
    Tongue twisters – are a great way of helping you speak in a big, clear voice (try whispering 3 times, then your normal pitch, then in high, low, soft, angry, sad, happy, giant voices)
    The black bellbird blinks.
    Three free throws.
    What time does the wristwatch strap shop shut?
    Strange strategic statistics.
    Freshly fried flying fish, freshly fried flesh.


    Watch: Imagine if we couldn't call ourselves 'kiwis'


    Listen: The wonderful 'Cirtter of the Week' on Radio New Zealand

    Become a Predator Free School! Visit this link to learn more.

  • “All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.”

    - Ralph Emerson

  • Our Sponsors

    We are very grateful to all of our wonderful sponsors.


    Chief sponsor CEO Mike Hill from Hillmac Electrical is delighted to be involved with the Hillmac for its third year. “We place real importance in communication with our staff and are thrilled to be sponsoring this contest as our way of helping to grow confident kids in the Bay.”


    Kiwibank have come on board as a sponsor this year. Hastings Manager Mairin Gallagher says “We see the value in supporting a cause which promotes confidence in children and gives them the tools to stand up and talk about a topic that is dear to our hearts, how to protect our kiwi and precious endemic and native species.”


    For the second year the Hillmac Electrical Speech Contests have partnered with Biodiversity Hawke’s Bay, helping to protect our endemic and native species, our taonga.

  • Sponsors Video's and Prize Giving 2019

    Hillmac Electrical


    Kiwi Bank

    Junior Speech


    Intermediate Speech


  • Confidence defined:


    ‘firm trust, a feeling of reliance or certainty, a sense of self-reliance and boldness’

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